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Another busy weekend at the Hankins house.

Friday we put up the new bat house we bought for the garden lot.   We put one up in the backyard 3 years ago.  Last year we were excited to see we had a small colony of bats in the house.  It was so exciting to sit on the back porch at dusk and watch them drop from the house and soar away.  We counted 20 as they dropped from the small house 2 weeks ago, and not knowing how many will fit in the house .. decided to order a new one to put over on the garden – and hopefully if our current house gets to croweded the overflow will move into the new house. 

I got the houses from Marion Holley’s ebay site.   I love his marketing tag ..   WMMD – Weapons of Mass Mosquito Destruction!  The houses are very well built.  It has a birth chamber and a baby catcher board on the bottom to keep the little ones from falling to the ground if they lose their footing. 

We also put together a new playset for the grandbabies.  We freecycled the trampoline we had .  The mat was stretched and a new one would cost more than the trampoline did a few years ago.  The new ower is going to repurpose the frame into a bunny pen.    The new playset will get more use and doesn’t take up that much more space than the trampoline did.  We bought it at Walmart – it came in 2 very heavy long boxes and it was a bit overwhelming when we opened the boxes.  OMG ..  it’s a good thing my husband and I love each other so much … a project like this can sure cause a lot of grrrrrrr attitude.  But, seeing the kids having so much fun made it totally worth the skinned, bruised knuckles and sore muscles.