I live in Lufkin, Texas but grew up in a very small town an hour East of here called Center, Tx.  We actually lived 30 minutes out of town – on a red dirt road.  We always had a big garden (or 2 or 3) and while most of the kids I went to school with enjoyed their summers hanging out at the lake ……  I worked in the garden or went door-to-door with my grandfather selling watermelons.  I hated it.  But, now, gardening is one of my most favorite thing to do.

We live in a subdivision and my garden does look a little out of place – but, oh well!  The lot has two natural gas mains that run diagonally across it so I can’t be built on …  not a problem though!  We put our storage buildings along the back and I make very good use of the rest of it!

I’m sharing my ‘country raising’ with my grandchildren (except for going door-to-door selling watermelons) and hope they enjoy it enough to share what they learn ‘digging in the dirt’ with their children and grandchildren.


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  1. Hi! I jumped over from Chickens In The Road. WOW you have a really big garden! I grew up in Oklahoma, now live in ARizona and probably what I miss most is a REAL watermelon. The ones out here are small and have no taste. When my mom used to visit from OK, she would just shake her head that we had a real nerve to be calling those worthless things watermelon!! LOL, she was right tho. Love your blog, I don’t see a follow button so I will bookmark you so I can come back to visit. Thanks for sharing, Marla


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