Making Lye Soap

I decided to try making lye soap  – and I had no idea that lye was so hard to find !  It seems that lye is used to make meth so a lost of stores have stopped carrying it …. or *don’t know* they carry it because the bottle doesn’t have big bold letters saying it’s 100% lye.  I called every store in Lufkin and was told “no we don’t carry lye” every time.  But, not wanting to have to pay the high shipping it would cost to buy online ….  I decided I’d go check at Lowe’s anyway …  and low and behold ..  the Soap Gods smiled down on me and  I found 1 bottle of Roebic Drain Cleaner!  YAY!!

There is an little oval shaped bubble on the side of the label that says 100% lye and I checked the ingredients also to make sure it was 100% sodium hydroxide.  Home Depot probably carries the same brand too – but since I didn’t need a mass quantity, I didn’t go there to check.

I put together a recipe and ran it through soapcalc -and I’m totally LOVIN’  it!  It had a odd smell after it was cooked but today it smells (and looks) like caramel without the use of any added fragrances or colors!  I added 1 cup of ground oatmeal as a mild exfoliate.  I used it this morning in the shower and even washed my hair with it.  I have very thin/fine hair and conditioners usually leave my hair feeling weighed down or greasy so I don’t like using it if I don’t have to.  So far I’m loving the results of this soap!

Milk & Honey Lye Soap

  • Canola Oil    6.4 oz
  • Castor Oil     3.2 oz
  • Coconut Oil    11.52 oz
  • Olive Oil     15.36 oz
  • Lard     15.36 oz
  • Crisco     12.16 oz
  • Milk     24.32 oz
  • Lye     8.87 oz

    Additives: 2 tsp honey at light trace,  2 tbsp sunflower oil after cook,   1 cup chopped oatmeal after cook

8 minutes to trace

3 hours and 22 minutes to cook

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