Creating Zen

My garden is coming along great. Last year we put together a simple irrigation system so we could water at the root of the plants. It worked great – cut down on the water bill and weeds. This year I changed the direction of the rows and made the garden bigger so we’ve had to revamp the system. The water pressure isn’t quite strong enough from one faucet to get the proper ‘drip’ for all the plants so we added a couple more and have decided to split the irrigation lines so we have 2 feed-in lines. I’m not sure if that makes any sense – but I’ll post pictures when we’re all done.

My litte trees (Giant Thuja) are thriving (grow babies grow) … I have visions of the way the garden will look with a living privacy screen. The neighbors property to the right of our garden isn’t .. well, let’s just say … very well kept. It’s hard to have a zen attitude when you’re looking at a trash heap and have no control over it.

I’m digging a firepit and we have a used metal gazebo that we’re going to be putting up soon. It has a canvas top and side curtains – but when those wear out I’ve decided to plant vines to cover the frame – chocolate vine or maybe wisteria … or .. both!


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